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Final Samples;


Due to current circumstances, the accessibility to produce woven fabrics was ended therefore paper based samples coinciding with previously produced woven fabric was created. The theme of corduroy and wadded qualities was continued through the use of digital design and 3D paper weaving. 

Reversible Corduroy
  • 100%  Merino wool 

  • Could be used for full reversible garment or statement patches. 

  • Corduroy would provide warmth if worn on the inside

  • Dry clean only 

Reversible Corduroy
Reflective Wadded Cloth
  • Merino Wool & Reflective Yarn

  • Wadding- 100% Wool Roving

  • Yellow striping would have reflective properties

  • Wadded sections could provide protection 

  • Dry clean only

Wadded reflective fabric
Reversible Wadded Cloth
  • 100% Merino wool Fabric

  • 100% Wool roving for wadded section

  • Could be used for sections around joints due to flat section in between wads.

  • Dry clean only

Wadded Cloth
Reversible Ombre Corduroy
  • 90% Merino Wool

  • 10% Reflective yarn

  • Wadding- 100% wool roving

  • Ombre detailing with wadded banding

  • Reflective yarn on back of fabric

  • Could be used for sleeve with turn over cuff details

Reversible Corduroy
Jacquard Samples
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